Reviews and Endorsements – The Balance of Nature’s Polarities in New Paradigm Theory

This is an important and much needed history of contemporary religious and philosophical thought. It breaks new ground. It gives us new perspectives on some of the most profound thinking of our time. There is simply no way to exaggerate the significance of the historical and thematic connections made here.
–Michael Murphy
Esalen Institute, author of The Future of the Body

This is an original and significant work. It offers a bold and inspiring interpretation of contemporary cultural history; moreover, it lays the groundwork for a new, ecologically based psychological paradigm.
–Theodore Roszak
author of The Voice of the Earth

In this important book, Dirk Dunbar offers a concise and well-written overview of many of the foremost minds of modern Western society that have called attention to the dangers of the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of thinking, and have sought to help redirect society’s course toward living in harmony with nature and ourselves.
–Jim Swan
author of Nature as Teacher, Nature as Healer, from review in Sufism

I must say unreservedly that this remarkable volume represents research, scholarship and cause of the first order. I would rank it with Sam Keen’s The Passionate Life and Theodore Roszak’s The Voice of the Earth.
–Barry Arnold
author of The Pursuit of Virtue

Dr. Dirk Dunbar’s new paradigm scholarship is a welcomed word to a polarized world. The book represents some of the most refreshing theological and scientific perspectives in print.
–Reverend William Allinder
Omaha Presbyterian Church

The book’s main message is summarized in the last chapter, “The Dynamics of Balance as a Solution to the Present Spiritual Crisis.” Featured are a reintegration of the feminine mystique, Earth Wisdom, and the mind-in-nature holistic mentality. This is a delightful account of what characterizes the newly rediscovered balance in the cultural celebration of life.
–William Frost
Ed., Explorations

While the title sounds forbidding, the work is very timely and approachable. Much of the work is based on the science-religion dialogue and merges such themes as mysticism and physics, Carl Jung’s Mother Goddess archetype, and Taoism.
–Heidi Brugger
Ed., The Northeaster

Dirk Dunbar’s book is a valuable and important contribution to the study of contemporary philosophy, religion, and science. It does not rehash or duplicate material already on the market, but represents a new voice with unique, interesting and valid insights.
–David Darst
author of seven books and 80 articles

Dirk Dunbar’s book is an honest and helpful addition to the literature which clarifies the turbulent changes of our century, and it is well worth the time and energy of anyone interested in the spiritual and scientific implications and potentials of those changes.
–Dana Wilde
Review, The Theosophical Society of America

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