Table of Contents – The Balance of Nature’s Polarities in New Paradigm Theory



Introduction—Earth Wisdom, Western Values, and the 1960s:
The Three Paradigms of Cultural Transformation Theory

I. The Three Periods of the New-Paradigm Message

1. Seminal Visions of a Balanced Self: Emerson, Nietzsche, and Bachofen
2. Eranos, the East, and the Mother Goddess Archetype—Jung, Myths, and Zeitgeists
3, Esalen, the Sixties Revolution, and Ecocentrism

II. Articulating the Message: Voices and Visions

4. Nietzsche, Dionysus, and the “Transvaluation of Values”
5. Erich Neumann and the Evolution of Consciousness
6. Alan Watts, Daoism, and the Return of the Yin
7. Theodore Roszak’s Countercultural Challenge
8. Fritjof Capra, Eastern Thought, and the Physics of Balance
9. Eros Revitalized: Sam Keen’s Androgynous Archetype
10. Riane Eisler, Archaeology, and the Partnership Model

III. The Sixties Revitalization of Earth Wisdom
11. The Meeting of East and West in the Eros of Beats and Hippies:
Dharma Bums and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
12. Rock and Roll’s Twist and Shout for Dionysus

Conclusion—The Dynamics of Balance as a New-Paradigm Solution to the Current Crisis of Perception: The Renewal of the Feminine, Ecological Impulse
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