Table of Contents – Renewing the Balance


Introduction: Nature’s Polarities and the Three Paradigms

Part One: The Balance in Earth Wisdom

1. The Yin and Yang of Nature’s Way
2. Native America’s Sacred Circle
3. Sky and Earth Gods of India and Greece

Part Two: Passions and Boundaries of the Western Mind

4. The Rise of Logos and Fall of Eros
5. Euripides’ Diabolical Dionysus
6. Plato’s Taming of the Dionysian
7. The Genesis of Divine Judgment
8. Bloodlines of Christ and the Devil
9. The Science of a Spiritless Logos

Part Three: The Renewal of the Feminine, Ecological Impulse

10. The Political Spirit of the Sixties
11. The Dao of Eco-Movements
12. Eranos, Esalen, and Ecopsychology
13. Gaia, Physics, and Qi
14. Re-visioning Jesus, the Universal Christ
15. The Eros of Romanticists, Beats, and Hip¬pies
16. The Evolution of Rock and Roll’s Revolution
17. Hollywood’s Transformed Hero
18. Is an Ecocentric Future Possible?

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